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SCHOOL BAND: 14th Annual Karl King Honor Band | Arts & Culture

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SCHOOL BAND: 14th Annual Karl King Honor Band
SCHOOL BAND: 14th Annual Karl King Honor Band

By Cain Junkman

The 14th annual Karl King Honor Band was held at St. Edmond on January 19th.

Emma Hergenreter, 7th grade French horn player at St. Edmond, has made her second appearance at the honor band this year. “This band is a lot larger (then her everyday band) and it’s all day too.”

Also making her 2nd appearance at the honor band is Rinoa Lund of Fort Dodge. Lund, a 7th grader at Fair Oaks Middle School, plays the clarinet. Lund says, “You have to audition your instrument and you get to meet new friends.”

Kristin Bodholdt, guest conductor of the 6th grade bands, was asked to conduct by host director, Kelly Albrecht.

“My role is to guide them through their music and add in the dynamic markings that are necessary and correct tempos,” said Bodholdt. “The day is one rehearsal after another, with lunch in-between.”

Kelly Albrecht, hosting director and director of bands at St. Edmond says the students go through a selection process to be chosen.

“We have 140 students in each band,” says Albrecht. “Their director sends in a paper nomination that tells us about the student; how long they’ve been playing, how far they are in their lesson books, what are their strengths and weaknesses, and then a selection committee goes through every single nomination and picks the section for each band.”

Albrecht says the honor band used to host 6th through 8th graders, but due to so many students, the honor band has decreased to 6th and 7th graders.

“Today there is about fifty schools in attendance,” stated Albrecht.

Guest directors for the 2013 honor band were selected by Albrecht. Local legend Kristin Bodholdt was asked to direct the 6th grade band, and Guy Blair, past director of Pella School’s instrumental music, was asked to direct the 7th grade band.

Fort Dodge Middle School instrumental director Tara Smith described how she chooses students to go through the selection process.

“A lot of times I look for volunteers, but I also look at who’s consistent at attending things at our school to make sure they are well prepared, and students who I know will put the time in to get the music ready for this.”

With nine students from the Fort Dodge School’s participating, Smith believes it is a great experience for the students. “It gives our students the opportunity to meet students from other schools, as well, it’s one of the fewer opportunities we have for our younger students- the 6th graders especially. They are able to play a lot of times with other instruments that they are not normally used to. We have one tuba at our school; there are four or five in this band, so it’s a nice opportunity for them.”

Smith said, “A big shout out to Kelly (Albrecht). Thank you for all the work she does for this. It’s a well-run festival and we appreciate that it’s in town and Karl King is well represented.”

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