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YOUNG LIFE: Inspiring Fort Dodge Teens | Community Spirit

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YOUNG LIFE: Inspiring Fort Dodge Teens
YOUNG LIFE: Inspiring Fort Dodge Teens

By Cain Junkman

When you mention the name Bice in Fort Dodge, one name in particular comes to the minds of many Fort Dodge teens.

Martha Bice, the leader of Young Life, is described as “one heck of a lady” by St. Edmond sophomore Eric Kremer.

Kremer, who has been part of Young Life for two years, began attending due to his sister previously being part of the group. “It gives us something fun to do on a week night,” said Kremer. “It also helps us with our future, such as when we graduate, they can give us scholarships to help us out with college.”

Bailey Baker, also a St. Edmond Sophomore, says she started attending Young Life as a freshman. Baker enjoys her Young Life experiences. “You meet new people and it’s something to do on a Monday night. Most people don’t know how fun Young Life is, or else they’d come.”

The night begins at 8:00pm and runs until teens leave. Kremer said that most teens stick around until the last possible minute, and he often times leaves around 9:30pm or 9:45pm.

Both Kremer and Baker said there are times when Young Life is cancelled due to scheduling conflicts or weather; however the majority of the time Young Life is every Monday night in the First Presbyterian Church Shalom Center in Fort Dodge.

“I started coming to Young Life and just loved it,” said St. Edmond Junior Mara Forsythe. “I love Martha’s energy and everything she brings to Young Life. I am so lucky to have such a great Young Life leader like Martha.”

Forsythe’s brother and sister were both very involved in Young Life, which inspired Mara to join.

“I think my faith really grew through Young Life because I wasn’t afraid to say that God is a big part of my life, and camp really opened that up for me,” said Forsythe. “I knew that Young Life was something that was definitely going to be in my life forever.”

Forsythe, who has been involved for three years, says her favorite experience was the week long camp in Minnesota.

“The very first day you are introduced to a leader and they speak every day at club time about life, and have a message,” said Forsythe.

Meggie Frischmeyer, St. Edmond Junior, also joined Young Life as a freshman.

“Everything you do is based around Christ. While you’re at Young Life you’re having a lot of fun, but you’re also seeing God in everything you do,” says Frischmeyer.

Also ranking high in Frischmeyer’s life is Young Life camp. “Camp is literally the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

We asked Forsythe, if a high school student was sitting home on a Monday night, what would you say to persuade the high school student about coming to Young Life?

“You’re sitting at home doing nothing, when we’re at Young Life having the time of our lives,” said Forsythe. “I look forward to Mondays just so I can be around Martha.”

Frischmeyer explained that the Fort Dodge Young Life group is a very welcoming group.

“The moment you step into this building, you don’t have any problems. Anything that was bothering you before is gone because everyone is welcoming, everyone is happy to see you, everyone is happy that you’re there and it’s hard to be upset about anything when you walk in.” Forsythe echoed saying, “Everything is truly left at the door when you walk in to the Shalom.”

Both Frischmeyer and Forsythe commended Bice for her dedicated work. Bice is an unpaid leader of the group. Forsythe said a lot of the food and other things used during Young Life are paid out of Bice’s pocket, and parents who donate money to the group.

“Martha is literally the most amazing woman. You can go to her for anything and she’s always going to be there,” said Frischmeyer.

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