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EGG HUNT: Moose Lodge Hosts 600
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EGG HUNT: Moose Lodge Hosts 600

(Fort Dodge Press) - The Moose Lodge of Fort Dodge held their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, March 30 at Dodger Stadium.“The Lodge has been sponsoring the hunt for about the last 15 years or more.” said Lodge Governor Bob Spencer.

“We have 4 age groups and 25 door prizes per age group, as well as 3 bicycles to give away for each age group”, said event Chairperson, Becky Frazier. Oh, and the candy! “We have about $1100 worth of candy for the kids, which fills the back end of a pickup,” said Frazier.

The event started with registration where each participant received a ticket for the prize raffle. The group gets between 500 and 600 kids at the hunt. The Moose Lodge members spread the candy out on the field, and at 12:15 PM the rush was on for all the little ones to grab as much as they could. The younger kids could have one parent or guardian with them but the older kids were on their own. ” It takes us about 25 minutes to spread out the candy. We timed it one year, and it took the kids about 3 1/2 minutes to pick it all up” said one Moose Lodge member.

After the big candy grab the Lodge gave away all of the door prizes.

When asked why they do this every year the Lodge members all stated. ” For the kids!” And that was easy to see as there were a lot of smiling faces as the children of Fort Dodge “cleaned up” the field turf of Dodger Stadium once again.


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