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SUPER NATIONALS: Cheerleading Group Runners-Up | News

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SUPER NATIONALS: Cheerleading Group Runners-Up
SUPER NATIONALS: Cheerleading Group Runners-Up

By Cain Junkman

A local cheerleading group has made their appearance known in Indianapolis, Indiana.

ICE, a team of the United All Stars in Fort Dodge, placed 2nd at Super Nationals this past Sunday in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Miranda Engeldinger, cheerleader on the team, describes the event as very memorable.

“It was an incredible experience to see how cheerleading is no longer just a school sport, it’s an actual sport that is taken seriously in more then one country.

Out of the division, nine teams were in attendance from around the country.

Engeldinger says the team that placed first was from Florida.

The motivational quote of the weekend shared by Engeldinger was, “When you want to succeed as much as you want to breathe, that is when you will find success.”

Engeldinger said for any younger children wanting to be a cheerleader, “Always do you best and never give up,”

Coached by Mindy DeBaun and Beau Rodrigez, the United All Stars is a Fort Dodge based cheerleading organization.

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